What’s this Stuffed all about?


Bull’s Eye Brands, Inc. (that’s us) introduced the school nutrition industry to our now famous Smart Mouth® pizza in 2001.  For nearly 23 years we have been helping schools Feed More Kids®.

We are very excited to offer our next great offering for your students STUFFED!

We are always looking for ways to keep things fresh for your students while trying to utilize the same great ingredients all while limiting your additional purchases.

The calzones and Smacker sandwiches have been a hit for some of you, but after talking to many of you it became clear the packaging for calzones and Smackers needed to be improved.  The branding of the bag was not holding the product’s integrity as well as the pizza box and it didn’t do its most fundamental role which is to grab the attention of our consumer (your student).

Combining this need with the Nations’ newest craze (stuffed cheesy bread), we went to work.  And what we created is a whole new line of products to compliment your Smart Mouth® pizza program.

The new STUFFED line will combine recipes that utilize all your existing items for Smart Mouth pizza (as well as some of your commodities) while adding stuffed cheesy bread.  This line extension will come with new marketing materials and a whole lot of excitement from the students (our preliminary tests indicate).

The  STUFFED line will include calzones, oven-baked sandwiches (formerly Smackers), and several flavors of the new stuffed cheesy bread like pepperoni, bacon & jalapeno, and Hot Wing! 

Think of it this way…….if it’s stuffed, it’s STUFFED

There are several benefits to the program

  • A new, exciting, and great tasting product to drive even more students into your cafeteria.
  • The only additional item to purchase is the STUFFED box.  The box has its own unique design and color to grab your student’s attention to help drive sales of stuffed cheesy bread, calzones, and sandwiches. 
  • The box has the same pack size and cost as your existing pizza box so you won’t need to add the item to your existing RFP or contract.
  • The new stuffed cheesy bread product is easy to make and if covered properly can be made the day before baking.  It can be as simple as placing cheese inside, folding over, and pre-cutting – no saucing required.     More meals per labor hour than even the pizza!!!
  • All STUFFED products can be baked in your convection ovens so not to interrupt pizza baking.
  • The flavor opportunities are limited only to your imagination and a great way to use up your commodities.

Important Dates to Know About

  • January 22nd – You can order your STUFFED marketing kit through the office or by clicking here. All orders placed by February 14th will received a FREE STUFFED t-shirt.
  • February 5th-9th – STUFFED marketing kits will be delivered to your school.
  • February 19th – Schools can begin to order the STUFFED box with all orders delivering that same week
  • April 1st – Deadline to send pictures of STUFFED to schools@smartmouthfoods.com to received a full credit on the marketing kit.