unboxing smart mouth.

Everything you want to know about the pizza that’s changing the game.

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what’s with the name?

Ever get told by your parents or teachers that you have a smart mouth? Yeah, us too. Our founder MIGHT have even gotten kicked out of school for it (oops)… But we decided that having a smart mouth is actually a good thing.

more questions about us? Talk to one of our pizza pros (we promise they won’t have TOO much of a smart mouth with you.)


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for schools

In a time when not much is certain, we want to give you something you can count on:

our guarantee to serve you with the resources you need to ensure ROI in your cafeteria.

We believe that school nutrition departments are capable of achieving outstanding growth in participation and profits. And we believe in doing so, districts can employ more people, provide better quality meals, maintain better equipment, and make a larger contribution to their school districts.

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how it all started

Since 2001

Our first schools started out by selling the pizzas a la carte. Since 2001, we’ve put our pizzas in more than 400 high schools and middle schools all over the southeast.

500 pizzas per day

Most of our schools sell the pizza as part of their meal plan, and are seeing tons of students come through their lines every day. Some of our schools sell upwards of 500 pizzas per day! That’s a lot of pizza…

20 years strong

Oh, and that first school we started selling to in 2001? They’re still going strong and selling more pizza today than when they opened almost 20 years ago.

unbox freshnesslet’s get this bread…or…pizza…

What makes us different:

the crust

We’ve got that special honey wheat recipe for our dough, so it’s crisp on the outside but soft on the inside.

the sauce

Real tomatoes, never canned paste, and lots of herbs to give you that real Italian taste.

the cheese

Mmmmmm, cheese. 100% mozzarella means nice and gooey but never greasy.

the toppings

Our meats are top quality with no fillers or additives. We also have some vegetarian options so there’s something for everyone.

how to make your school smarter

Don’t have Smart Mouth in your school yet? You can change that. Just sign the Smart Mouth Pizza Plea and we’ll let your school know that you want it. Tell your friends!

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