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Pizza Jokes You Knead to Know

July 9, 2020

Slice to see ya! Here are our favorite pizza jokes. Hope they’re not too cheesy for you. Enjoy!

What’s a pizza maker’s favorite song?

Slice, Slice, Baby.

Did you hear about the guy who took a second job as a pizza chef? 

He kneaded the dough. 

What’s a pizza lover’s favorite song lyric? 

Fold me closer, tiny pizza.

What type of person doesn’t love pizza? 

A weirdough.

What do you call a religious pizza? 

Cheesus Crust.

Why does everyone want to be friends with the mushroom? 

Because he’s a fungi.

What’s written on pizza’s money?

“In pizza we crust.”

Well, Smart Mouths, do you have any pizza jokes we need to hear? Send them to us on social media and we just might feature you or add to this list. You can find us on Twitter or Instagram.